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Queer New World

Inspired by the moments shared on disco dance floors and makeshift stages of DIY cabarets. Queer New World is a work in-progress that combines dance, drag and poetry to explore what parts of ourselves we hide from the world, and what parts we feel we can show. What we have to destroy in order to survive, and what we desperately reconstruct. What we perform for others, and what’s left after the show’s over.

Queer New World is a solo project that melds Jake's years of experience performing in theatre, cabaret and clubs to explore gender, sexuality and identity from a queer perspective. It seeks to explore the question 'What does it mean to be queer in Britain today?' 

Platformed at Northern Connections, Riley Theatre, Leeds (March 2022).

Audience Reactions


“Your piece was truly inspiring. I was struggling to really connect to any contemporary art and was feeling a bit at a loss. Seeing queer art in such a raw, harrowing but stunning way truly… well done and thank you”
“Well done tonight, such an amazing job. I cried the whole time, it spoke to me on such a significant level. Thanks for sharing the joys and the struggles and the wishes of what it is to be queer. It meant so much”
“It was great. To see work like that on stage felt so validating for my own experience and identity, I wanted to thank you for your vulnerability and openness in what you shared with everyone"

QNW began with a  4-week R&D period, which took place in Leeds between May & June 2021, with mentoring by theatre director Rod Dixon (Red Ladder) and  choreographer Gary Clarke, dramaturgy by Lou Cope, rehearsal direction by Stefania Pinato, and produced by Callum Holt. Supported by Arts Council England.

R&D Trailer
Special thanks to Leeds Playhouse

R&D Gallery
All images taken by Stefania Pinato

Filmed at Dance Studio Leeds by Callum Holt
June 25th 2021

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